Privacy Policy

Fitjars considers protection of your personal information which is of core importance not only in our own shelf but also in the medium we operate.  The privacy legislation is in complete accord both when private information handled within our premises or handled to our subjects.

           The privacy Policy is in complete regard with how the information is collected accessed and disclosed. It also includes the correction statements of data if required as well as the proceedings in case of breach of privacy legislation.

           The personal information acknowledged and accessed is only for the purpose of providing the user our services. On using the site, the user is entitled to agree upon the terms as per this privacy police in accordance with the clauses of privacy legislation if further collection and use of information is required.

Collection of data and usage:

            The personal information to contact and provide our services and good is required to be collected upon usage of this site and services requested. The personal information, which is significant, can be accessed and processed; while with this will not alone be your name and it may include your contact information as well as your personal data.    

The method of compilation could be either by a call or mail or even by in the website(log in) and/or subscription page, but only upon your conformity and full awareness.  One would have full access about features, progression, handling, grievances (if any) towards our privacy policy alongside our method of data collection and the core purpose.

Log Data:

We are one of enormous WebPages and/or operators, who process the data sent to us by your browsers known as Log Data.

This Data in general includes, details about browser, the pages you visited on our side and time, date you visited and also other basic statistics.

For Communication:

The Personal data you provided can be used for purposes such as getting in touch via newsletters or for promotional activities and other relevant information.

Usage and Disclosure:

Protecting your personal information is of utmost importance. We do not transmit over internet or the e- storage. We try and use advanced means for protecting your information to the fullest.

We use it only for providing you our services and products or can be transferred only to our subjects who in turn serve the same purpose and also follows similar protection systems for safeguarding your information.

Your information is also legitimate to be transferred to law in cases of protection of rights of third party and our safety.  Non-personal data such as cookies, Log data can be processed and used on our inclination for marketing, and research and other purposes.

Changes to the Privacy Policies:

The Privacy policy here is and is expected to remain effect until any further provisions are either included or excluded in future, but the changes will be in action after it is live here in the page.

The rights are reserved to change/access/update the page with Fitjar and Oneshopee and a timely check is mandatory for us and is done without fail.

The changes in the policy may be updated to the user via mail or by a notice over Fitjars website itself. The changes can be notified either prior to making changes or after changes are made.    

Still not clear?

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